UDK is the largest Manufacturer, Supplier, and Trader of LED Bulb Housing, LED light Housing, LED Bulb Body, LED Bulb SKD, LED Bulb Spare Parts, and LED Bulb Raw Material in Telangana and all over India. For each occasion LED Bulbs to create a perfect light quality. Our furnished LED Bulb Housings are extremely cost-effective, energy-saving, and environment-friendly in nature. These are specially designed for excessive aesthetic attraction along with excellent luminosity and enhanced service life. We manage a stock of LED Bulb in our spacious warehouse to deal with the mass necessity of the buyers and offer it at sensible rates. We furnish LED Bulb Housing with Plastic Body, Aluminium Body, PP Body, Polycarbonate (PC) Body, LED Bulb Cabinet, LED Bulb Kit, LED Bulb Casing, and Cabinet Housing. Due to their precise design and high functionality, our offered materials are ideal for making a wide variety of led bulbs. Additionally, we supply our objects in solid packaging at fair rates. Customer satisfaction is our main objective as we believe that satisfied customers are the precious treasure of any company. We have established a very strong foothold in the competitive Indian market by supplying the most reliable raw material for manufacturing all kinds of LED lights like LED bulbs/ Tubes / Downlights and so many different Lights. Write your text here...

LED Bulb Housing (Body) Contains:

(1) Diffuser

(2) Aluminium Body

(3) Aluminium Heat Sink (Tikki)

LED Bulb Raw Material Contains

(1) Diffuser

(2) Aluminium with Insert Body

(3) Aluminium Heat Sink (Tikki)

(4) Aluminium MCPCB

(5) HPF Driver

(6) B22/E27 Cap


(8) SMD Paste

(9) Heat Sink Paste (Adhesive) and many more items.

We provide LED Bulb Housing and Raw material for all these Bulbs.

(1). Philips Type LED Housing(Body)

(1.1.1). 57 MM Philips Type LED Housing (Body)

(1.1.2).65 MM Philips Type LED Housing (Body)

(1.1.3).75 MM Philips Type LED Housing (Body)

(1.1.4).80 MM Philips Type LED Housing(Body)

(1.2). 57MM Beta Philips Type LED Housing

(1.3). 57MM Philips Type LED Housing Without Insert

(1.4). Philips Type DOB LED SKD

(1.5). Philips Type LED SKD

(2). Syska Type LED Housing

(2.1). 50MM Syska Type LED Housing (Body)

(2.2).55MM Syska Type LED Housing (Body)

(2.3).70MM Syska Type LED Housing (Body)

(2.4).80MM Syska Type LED Housing (Body)

(2.5).95MM Syska Type LED Housing (Body)

(2.2). Syska Type LED SKD

(2.3).Insert 270 with Aluminum

(3).DOB LED Bulb Housing

(4).Rechargeable/Inverter Bulb LED Housing

(4.1).Rechargeable/Inverter Bulb LED SKD

(5).LED T Bulb Housing/SKD

(5.1).LED O Bulb Housing/SKD

(5.2).LED V Bulb Housing/SKD

(6).High Watt LED T Bulb Housing/SKD

(7).Night Color Bulb Housing/SKD


(1).Splendid Functionality

(2).Highly Durable

(3).Long Service Life

(4).Greater Luminosity

(5).Best Market Price

(6).Ready to deliver stock

(7).Dimensional accuracy

(8).Long lasting

(9).High strength

(10).Conclude Excellent Finish

(11).Easy to use

(12).High PerformanceWrite your text here...