UDK is the Supplier of the Driver Testing Machine used to check LED drivers for diverse items. The LED Driver Tester is meant to check drivers of various wattages as one solution and is feature rich with capable of estimating, displaying, and storing the test outcomes for control


By watt meter, we can check the wattage, power efficiency, Annual consumption, AC Voltage, AC Current, power factor, wattages and DC current, and DC voltage of any product (Driver). When you will start Driver Testing Machine it will start on AC 220V-240V after that you have to give the supply to the product (driver). The Positive(+VE) and Negative(-VE) wires are followed by MCPCB. Positive(+VE) and Negative(-VE) means by which we can examine the DC voltage and DC current of the Driver.

Product Details: Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece

Input Voltage220V-240V

Usage/Application: LED Light Driver Testing/IndustrialMachine

Type: LED Bulb Driver TestingDriven TypeElectric

Frequency: 50Hz

Deals: InNew Only

body material: Aluminium/Plastic