Laser Printing Machine with which you will be able to begin your own enterprise because it is used to print on bulbs with this Laser Printing Machine just as on a wide range of plastic and metal too. You can do printing on all items manufactured from plastic like laser printing on PC Plastic, laser printing on PBT Plastic, Laser printing on ABS plastic, and lots of additional plastic items and it can even print on things manufactured from metals like Iron, Steel, and Aluminium. You can additionally do printing on mobile chargers, mobiles, watches, Key chains, Pens, Laptops, Utensils, AC, Small Printers, and a large number of things on which you need to print and brand name or description related to the item. The Laser Printing Machine is another sort that is generally used for giant organizations and business purposes. This type uses laser and toner. The laser is employed for scanning the image and communicates with the toner on where to use the toner to assist produce the image. It spreads the ink on a metal plate with carved images that are then moved onto a prompt surface called a rubber blanket. This is finally transmitted to the paper by squeezing it against the prompt surface. This results in a low cost of printing, better quality, and large amounts of printing. Flexography printing machines are used for bundling materials and it uses plastic or elastic plates that are fed on a belt. This then goes to the impression chamber that creates the impression of the image. Laser marking is a technique widely used for the identification method in all manufacturing ventures. This technique of marking permits you to easily make marking (stamping) or identification signs on both soft and hard metal surfaces. Laser print systems could be the quick and exact printing machines used in all businesses that can make stamping and designing on plastic, metals, wood, carbide, and so forth. For a good checking resolution on metal like silver, gold, platinum, etc the fantastic choice of Stamping Machine is the laser mark machine.

Technical Details

LED Bulbs Laser Printing Machine

(1). Laser Power: 20W/30W/50W optional

(2). Beam Length: 1064nm

(3). Beam Quality: M2≤2

(4). Beam Repeating Frequency: 20KHZ-100KHZ(5). Marking Speed : ≤8000mm/s

(6). Marking Area: 110mm*110mm

(7). Minimum Character: 0.15mm

(8). Precision of Repeating: ±0.003mm

(9). Power Consumption: ≤800W

(10). Life of Laser Producer: 100,000 Hours

(11). Cooling: Air cooling


(1). Long lifespan of a Laser source 100,000 hours

(2). High Marking Speed, High Efficiency, and Precision

(3). No Consumable Component, Low Cost, and Free Maintenance


8 Rotate feeding JIG Laser Printer is used for LED Bulbs and saving labor cost, improving the production efficiency. It is widely used in the lighting industry for automatic marking, stability, and durability.